5 unexpected reasons you have no workout motivation

Let's be real. We all go through phases where we have no workout motivation what.so.ever.

If you're reading this thinking "yeah sister, that's me right now" I'm willing to bet you're sick of the up and down roller coaster and just want to be consistent.

Why is it that you can be totally motivated for a couple weeks, and then something unexpected happens and poof! No more workout motivation?

How do you find it, and keep it, so that you can continue to grow into the strongest version of yourself?

The fact is: this is totally normal.

If I had a dollar for every "I just have no motivation right now" speech I hear, I'd be a wealthy lady. I myself go through weeks when my workout motivation has vanished!

I know what you're thinking. This might seem like a more negative post but, if this motivation crisis sounds familiar to you, I think you need to hear this (wink wink).

It's easy to sit back and let excuses take the lead, but you're stronger than that.

Whenever I find myself not looking forward to my workouts, not having time, making excuses, or just feeling flat-out lazy, I have to do a little re-focusing.

In this post I'll cover the 5 unexpected reasons you have NO workout motivation and give you 5 actionable ways to finally find some consistent motivation.


1. You have no plan (or you don't like your current one)

Do you ever notice when you have a plan before starting your workout, you're a little more excited about it?

It's the times when you go in absent-minded (and don't get me wrong, those times can be valuable too) that you end up wandering around the gym aimlessly or just picking and choosing exercises as you please.

Having a PLAN of attack for your workout, even if it's a general idea, can be a game changer for your motivation. Get a workout buddy if that makes a difference for you!

Create a game plan for your week of workouts (even if it’s vague) and get to work!

Don't know where to start? Look at ways you can work with me to create your strongest life.

2. Your "why" isn't coming from the right place

This is perhaps the most common reason I see people start strong and lose motivation constantly.

If your WHY (aka, the reason you're exercising) comes from an external motivation, it tends to only last a short time.

By external I mean motivators like getting a bikini bod or trying to make someone else happy/proud.

Lasting motivation comes from within.

While it's not wrong to want to look good in a swimsuit (hey we ALL want that), connect it to how you will feel INSIDE if you look good in that swimsuit! Will you be more confident? Comfortable wearing a two-piece? Less self-conscious?

Find what is internally DRIVING you to look or feel a certain way and hold onto that.

As an added bonus, keep it front of mind by making it visual and setting the wallpaper on your phone or computer to a certain image that reminds you of your goal.


3. You're not seeing results quick enough

Chances are, you've been in a situation where you started working out and eating right but are not seeing results QUICK enough.

Your expectations were quite a bit higher and you're ready to throw in the towel and start fresh with something new.

I've seen/experienced this many times and know that not seeing results can put a real damper on your workout motivation.

My advice? Stick with whatever workout or nutrition plan you have for at least 4-6 weeks before kicking it to the curb. This allows your body time to adapt and for you to truly see if your efforts are worthwhile.

Make sure you have actual ways to MEASURE progress (i.e. body fat %, measurements, weight, fitness level). If you determine you're not making progress after that amount of time, make small tweaks and adjust.

Remember, this is a lifestyle change.

Chasing down quick fixes without trying to find joy and value in living a strong, healthy lifestyle will make workout motivation an ongoing battle.

4. You're working out when you don't have enough time

Simply stated, you aren't allowing yourself enough space or time around your workouts to really get into the zone.

If you commonly feel rushed, it makes it hard to focus or put any energy into what you're doing. This makes it MUCH LESS fun and can steal any joy from your workout (P.S. if you already don’t find much joy in exercise, it's really hard to keep motivation).

Allow yourself the space to get in a great warm-up, workout, and cool-down by choosing a time of day that you can be fully present.

When you're consistently rushing in and out of a workout without starting and finishing the right way, you're missing some key elements. It's like starting your day without brushing your teeth!

You have time. It's just about finding it.

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5. You don’t trust yourself to succeed

If you’ve failed in the past, chances are that you’re less likely to trust yourself to stay the course.

You may have thoughts like “I’ve tried this before and it didn’t work” or “how am I supposed to know if what I’m doing is working?”

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You may simply need some guidance and accountability to stay on track on get your confidence back up! But how?

You can really commit to the process by hiring a Coach, getting a workout buddy for accountability, joining a program or challenge at your gym, or simply making yourself a checklist calendar to keep you on track with dates to measure progress.

Getting results and trusting in your capabilities to stay on track can be a real game changer in keeping your workout motivation for the long haul!

Final Thoughts

Workout motivation comes from places large and small. The most powerful, and lasting, way to keep the motivation is to find what is internally motivating you! Connect to those feelings of confidence, energy, and joy that you're seeking.

Once you have that, you can use the other tactics on a daily basis to help get you pumped for your workout, find joy in movement, and have a long-term vision for your strongest, healthiest lifestyle!

I want to know - what motivates you? Drop it in the comments!

Keep moving XX,