Best ways to preserve your energy and reduce stress this Holiday Season

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Holiday’s got you all anxious?

Me too, sister.

While the Holidays are such a joyful time, they can also bring on a lot of stress, guilt, and anxiety if you aren’t prepared for it.

By the time you buy the gifts, coordinate plans, make everyone happy, eat all the goodies, and divvy up your time equally among loved ones, you’re left wanting to crawl into a hole for a month. Ugh! Now that’s no way to start the New Year.

If you’re ready to flip that script and come out energized on the other side, keep on reading!


It seems that every year around this time I am a little more on edge, mostly because I know the end result and how I feel after it’s all over.

This year, I’m going to try to be more conscious about preserving my energy so I come out energized on the other side, rather than completely wiped out.

Join me in taking these 5 steps!

5 ways to preserve your energy this Holiday season

1. Mentally Prepare

This one is first for a reason! You must set the expectation in your mind that things will be different for a few weeks. It doesn’t have to be positive or negative, simply different. This will automatically allow you to be a little more flexible and drop any unrealistic expectations you may have.

If you’re gaining momentum on your health and fitness routine, go into the Holidays with an action plan to stay on track and maintain current progress.

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2. Know what you need to succeed

Think about what you need through the Holiday season to feel good when it’s all over.

Is it daily movement? Staying on top of your water intake? Reading a good book? If you’re an introvert, like me, you may need to schedule in downtime. I know that constant interaction completely drains me so I’ll make an effort to get away for a little workout to energize my mind and body. That way I can get my daily movement, and a mental break all at once. Double whammy!

Based on past years and trends, what do you need to commit to in order to feel good throughout the season?

3. Set your non-negotiables ahead of time

Now that you know what you need, set your non-negotiables. These are the actions you absolutely must take in order to preserve your energy. No exceptions and no room for negotiation. Make them specific, yet realistic.

If you know that you feel icky the next day when you eat a bunch of sweets and drink alcohol, set a goal for this. It could be as simple as being more mindful with your intake and stopping when you’re satisfied, rather than consuming along with everyone else. Now that you have a cue (“I’m satisfied") to stop, that’s much better than saying “oh I’ll just be better this year.”

Set your non-negotiables and stick to the plan!

4. Say no… and quickly

I hate to be Miss Debbie Downer, but you just can’t do it all (or maybe you’re superwoman and you can!). At the end of the day, saying yes to everyone’s Holiday gathering, bake sale, gift exchange, and potluck just leaves you feeling like mush. You know that feeling when you’ve given all the energy possible and you just want to nap forever? Yeah, that one.

When you know that saying yes is going to sacrifice your mental well-being and stress you out, say no. But do so quickly. The longer you think about accepting or declining an invitation, the longer the stress of responding is going to be hanging over your head.

Say no… and say it quickly. Your gut knows the answer.

5. Be flexible

Take a deep breath and know that your health, fitness, and nutrition may look a little different throughout the coming weeks. Allow space for that and adjust.

We’re not out to break records here. Before the Holidays happen, think about some simple strategies that will allow you to maintain where you’re at currently.

Oh, and always, always, always remember that a minor indulgence or stray away from routine is not an excuse to let all your progress go out the window. Make a promise to yourself that, whatever happens, you’ll pick right back up where you left off.


The Holiday’s can bring on a ton of unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially for what is supposed to be a magical and happy time of year!

By being more conscious about what will make YOU happy and energized this Holiday season, you’ll be more likely to stick to your health habits. Straying from routine is sometimes a good thing because it teaches you that balance is a constant state of ebb and flow, and that conditions aren’t always going to be perfect.

Let’s appreciate the season for what it is, spend time with loved ones, enjoy some tasty treats, do what feels good to you, and keep on going!

I wish you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!!

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