2 Kettlebell Workouts for Full-Body Power and Strength

I've got two fresh and FUN kettlebell workouts for you this week!

(Sidenote: I've learned that my definition of fun is sometimes different than other people's).

In all honestly I love to experiment with new equipment, but I always find myself coming back to one thing: kettlebells.

Kettlebells are like a secret weapon for wrapping strength, cardio, core, and stability all into one sweaty sitting. Efficient and effective... a Type A person's dream.

Anywho, let's get rolling with these workouts. Do them on separate days OR pair them if you have time (and energy).

Kettlebell Circuit 1


Complete 4 rounds of 8-10 reps - see video below

1. Kettlebell Swing

Drive from the glutes and hips, keep core and lats engaged at all times.

2. Single Arm Row

Keep a neutral spine with back almost parallel to the floor. Pull the kettlebell up to your armpit keeping your elbow in tight. Fight to keep hips and shoulders square to the floor.

3. Figure 8 Squat

Pass the Bell through your legs in a figure 8 fashion. Keep core engaged and drive from your glutes each time you stand up.

4. Halo

Hello, shoulders. Wrap the bell around your head, staying low towards your shoulders. Do 8-10 each direction on this one.

5. Floor Press

Lay flat on the floor, with knees bent and KB in one arm. Drive the kettlebell up toward the ceiling so your arm ends up straight over the mid-line of your chest.

Kettlebell Circuit 2


Complete 4 rounds of 8-10 reps - see video below

1. KB Clean

Drive from the hips and glutes while rotating your wrist to turn the bell. Keep the bell close to your body like a T-Rex trying to zip up a jacket (yes, this is a real cue I use). This is not an upper body exercise, though your bicep and shoulder will assist a little.

2. Windmill

Try this a few times without weight before jumping in. Start with arm straight overhead, pack your shoulder into the socket, and slightly bend your opposite knee. Hinge forward and down until your hand reaches your foot. ALWAYS keep your eye on the weight when it's overhead.

3. Goblet Squat

Much simpler than the first two! Sit back into that chair, power through the heals and keep that core engaged.

4. Single Arm Press

Start off in the half kneeling position with the bell at your shoulder. Keep your elbow in as you press up overhead. Find stability from the core with this offset position.

5. Offset Front Lunge

Hold the bell at your side and step with the opposite leg. Avoid letting your shoulder drop or hips twist. Keep everything up tall.