Efficient Kettlebell Workout for Full Body Strength

In light of getting a whole set of kettlebells for Christmas, I am super giddy to bring you a kettlebell workout for total body strength! This is suitable for intermediate exercisers, but can be advanced.

While kettlebells have been around for ages, they seem to be gaining their mainstream appearance... and I ain't mad about it.

However, I do know that many of you may be either intimidated by kettlebells or simply don't know the proper way to use them. So that's what TODAY is all about!

Why Kettlebells Rock

The main reason you should be using kettlebells, is that they are a powerful tool for burning fat and boosting the metabolism, as a result of building lean muscle.

Okay, you're right, that was actually 3 reasons. Is it obvious how much I adore them?

Also, since many kettlebell exercises are multi-joint movements, here's what happens in the body:

  1. Your body naturally recruits more muscles

  2. This increases the amount of oxygen needed by your muscles to perform the movement

  3. Heart rate goes up in order to get the oxygen (hey, cardio)

High heart rate + strength movements = Efficient

Let me revise my list for you!

In summary, kettlebell workouts are excellent for:

  • Efficiency - you can get so much done in less time

  • Burning Fat

  • Boosting your resting metabolic rate - which means you burn more calories at rest

  • Building lean muscle - AKA "tone"

  • Working your heart muscle

  • Feeling badass and strong :)

Equipment Needed

For this workout, you'll only need 1 kettlebell of a medium weight that you can perform all movements with. If you have access to more, it doesn't hurt!

If you've just got dumbbells, no worries. Use 'em! It will have a slightly different feel, but similar effect.

The Workout

Ya'll ready? This is an intermediate kettlebell workout for total body strength. Don't let the "intermediate" fool you. This will be a challenging, sweaty workout. I just left out some advanced movements like cleans and snatches.

P.S. I'm not southern, I just like saying "ya'll" :)


2-4 Rounds

Kettlebell Swing x 15

Single arm clean x 8-10 each

Single arm row x 8-10 each

Goblet squat x 10

Single arm push press x 8-10 each

Kettlebell Deadlift + Upright Row x 10


Take 15-20 seconds rest between exercises

Take 60-90 seconds rest between rounds


Choose a weight that is challenging towards the last 2-3 reps of the set. Exercises should be challenging but not impossible and sloppy

Always keep your core tight and abdominal muscles flexed to support the spine

The swings and cleans are hip and glute dominant, so relax your arms and thrust with your hips to move the weight



Your turn!

What do you think? Have you or will you try this workout? Let me know in the comments.

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Keep Moving XX,


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