Bodyweight workout program: Become a bodyweight badass with this home workout plan

Sometimes all you got is... you! And when you need to get your sweat on, a bodyweight workout can be a totally effective butt-kicker!

I always giggle when I'm instructing a class and my participants show up to see no equipment. They literally groan in agony knowing what's in store. It's a good thing of course  :) Don't get me wrong, they love it (and so do I). But it totally proves that your bodyweight CAN be enough... and I even love my fair share of heavy lifting.

As with any fitness plan, bodyweight training takes a fair amount of strategy so you don't form imbalances or have "death by burpees." If you have no access to equipment, prefer to workout at home, want to learn creative new exercises, or just need a switch-up, read on!

In this post:

  • Why bodyweightworkouts are effective

  • How often to train with bodyweight only

  • A 3 day, bodyweight workout program


Your body = your machine

I know, it sounds cliche. But it's so true!

What would it mean for you if you could enable yourself to run, lift, push, pull, jump, sit, stand, etc.? To me, it means being limitless in terms of things I can do, adventures I can have and experiences I can enjoy in life.

Limitless. Think about that word. Doesn't it sound amazing?

You only have - and only ever will have - onebody. Why not make it the strongest, most powerful tool you own? In fact, I feel like it's our responsibility to take advantage of it if we are capable!

Fun Fact: Bodyweight workouts are still classified as resistance training even though you're not used outside forces against you. This means you still get the full benefits associated with heavy lifting: lean muscle development, improved bone density and a faster metabolism. WIN!

How often can you use a bodyweight workout?

Super broad question, but allow me to break it down.

If you tend to lift weights

You may want to sprinkle a few strength-based, bodyweight exercises as supersets (pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups,  etc.). The two types will complement each other nicely but also ensure that you get some functional training in there. A couple good combinations are a Deadlift with Pull-upor a Squat with Push-up. It may also prove to be a bit easier on the joints.

If you prefer bodyweight-only training

Being smart about structure will be key, especially if this is the way you're getting both your cardio and strength training in. The trick is to structure it in a way that is challenging enough to get results, yet balanced so you're not overdoing the burpees and other high-intensity moves.

You can get away with bodyweight workouts as your main form of exercise, no questions asked. But, as stated above, it takes some organization and structure (as needed in any routine!).  Read on to the next section to check out my 3 day Bodyweight Badass program that includes ONLY bodyweight workouts.

If you don't know where to start

Get a plan my friend! That's the best way to avoid workout ADHD (aka bouncing around from one thing to the next and getting discouraged). Keep reading to get my 3 Day Bodyweight Badass Workout Plan that'll give you a kick start (plus, it's totally free).

The Bodyweight Badass program

Here's where we tie it all together!

Do you identify as one of the below?

  • No access to equipment

  • Would like to workout from the comfort of your home

  • Need to shake things up in your fitness routine

  • Want to be a badass (aka stronger) using only your bodyweight

  • Craving to learn creative, new exercises

If you said yes, then my friend I think you're in the right place! This program includes 3 days of balanced workouts meant to hit ALL of your muscle groups throughout the program. I recommend doing them with a day of active recovery (light cardio or yoga) in between.

The workouts focus on:

  • Day 1 - Strength

  • Day 2 - High intensity interval training

  • Day 3 - Tempo Strength

  • Bonus! - You'll have to see for yourself

Below you'll see a highlight video for each workout, but I've organized everything into one .pdf file for you. It lays out the exact reps/sets/time per exercise, proper rest periods, how to modify for beginner vs. advanced movements, and what else you can be supplementing your bodyweight workout program with for max effectiveness!

Get the plan:

Simply click here or scroll to the bottom of this page. Fill out the form and you'll have your program within minutes!

Workout 1 - Strength

Workout 2 - HIIT

Workout 3 - Tempo

Workout 4 - BONUS!

See for yourself by downloading the program fo’ free!

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned a thing or two about bodyweight training! If you download Bodyweight Badass (or plan to) give me a shout in the comments below and let me know. I'd love to hear your experience!

Until next time, keep moving!

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