Bodyweight cardio workout: Fun indoor cardio/core for cold days

Ah, cardio. Love it, hate it, love to hate it.

It's currently the middle of winter in Ohio and I don't think I've gotten a solid run in in over a couple months. I'm not a huge runner, but it's one of my favorite forms of mindless cardio (and so much better in nature) Now, as a result, I've noticed a slight decline in my cardio capacity (getting winded faster) and lean body mass (yikes).

The solution to my problems? Create a cardio workout I can do indoors that is equal parts simple, effective, sweaty and entertaining.

Enter bodyweight cardio.

Why bodyweight cardio?

Ladies. If you've seen my bodyweight badass program you know that it's a super effective training method and, in some cases, can be better than training with weights. I'm not one to disclude weight training, but it can be done if you prefer a minimalist approach to your workout.

Nonetheless, bodyweight exercises deserve a place in everyone's workout because they are:


It's FUN to teach your body to be strong all on it's own and move in a very natural way


Less spinal loading and pressure on the joints as long as you eliminate and plyometrics/jumping


Similar to running, it's all on you to move your body weight against gravity


Due to their challenging nature, you don't typically need more than 30-40 minutes of a bodyweight cardio workout if you're pushing it.

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Now, for the workout!


You'll need a timer and a mat for this bodyweight cardio workout.


8 exercises, done back to back for 30 seconds each with little rest. Once you complete all 8 exercises, take 60 seconds rest and repeat for 3-5 rounds.

  1. Lateral Lunge to kick (switch at half or every other round)

  2. Butt kickers (or high knees as a progression)

  3. Inchworm to plank opener

  4. Squat taps in/out

  5. Cross mountain climbers

  6. Tricep Dip Kicks

  7. V-up (modify by keeping feet on the ground)

  8. 180 squat jumps

Workout Notes

Lower impact modifications can always be made. Don't force yourself to jump if it hurts your joints. Simply modify to something that feels better on your body or change the exercise all together! You won't hurt my feelings ;)


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Your turn!

Beat the winter cardio rut. Let me know how this workout goes in the comments below! As always, contact me with any questions on this workout.


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>>For more tools to help you on your fitness journey, check out my free resources.