A monthly membership program for women who want to live a BALANCED lifestyle. If you’re ready to ditch dieting for good, feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your body, and live out your purpose… you’ve found your home.


 How would it feel…

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When you feel healthy and confident, you show up better for your life, relationships, and career.

Hands down.

 What’s included inside the Membership?

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Brand new fun and effective workout plan each month to help you build lean muscle and burn fat (modifications & progressions included)

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A master list of quick, healthy, and delicious recipes so you don’t have to take time searching

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Weekly workout calendar to help you plan your week strategically and get the most from your workouts

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A private community of like-minded women on the same journey as you!

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Monthly Workshop and Q&A on a specific nutrition topic to help you form life-long habits in nutrition and mindset

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Access to workouts and progress tracking at your fingertips


You have experience working out but want NEW, EFFECTIVE workouts monthly that will help you burn fat & build muscle

You need the ACCOUNTABILITY without the commitment of hiring a 1:1 Coach

You are ready to FORM HABITS in exercise & nutrition that allow you to live a healthier, happier life

You are done with diets, punishment workouts, and ready to build strength and CONFIDENCE!

Results don’t lie


Hey! I’m Nicole.

I’m a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Health Coach.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be frustrating and downright confusing. It seems there’s a new diet fad lurking around every corner.

I created this program to help women just like YOU create the healthy lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of, in the simplest way possible. Because sometimes you just need a little extra nudge!

With health as your foundation, you’re equipped to show up in the world as the confident, strong, badass woman you are!

I’ve filled this membership with everything you need to succeed. From safe, effective, fun workouts to quick, healthy recipes all at your fingertips.

Not to mention, you’re joining one hell of a tribe!



Move with Purpose Membership

Monthly workout plan and calendar

Monthly expert Q&A Workshop

Healthy Recipe Vault

Expert Support

Accountability & community


Month to Month, cancel anytime.




What are the workouts like?

Each month, you’ll receive a brand new workout plan to help you reach your goals! This will include a variety of strength training, cardio, HIIT, core, and mobility training. Former female athletes with basic knowledge of strength training would be best for this. Modifications and progressions will be offered for all fitness levels.

What equipment do I need?

All you will need is a couple sets of dumbbells (8-10lbs for beginner; 12-20lb for experienced) and mini loop bands which can be found here. These workouts can be done at home or at the gym.

How long does the program last?

Move with Purpose Membership is a month to month program. Unless you pay in full for a year, you may cancel at any time.

How will this help me with my nutrition?

Between the recipe vault (features quick, healthy recipes!) and monthly workshops, you’ll get the support you need to create balanced eating habits. This is not a calorie counting or macro counting program. You will learn how to create a lifestyle that supports positive nutrition choices (and indulgences too!).